We all make mistakes in life, children C’mon, open up, let me out of here, Yo. You want it, you know you want it, and you know you want me to give it to you. What did your mother ever see in that kid? Well, they’re your parents, you must know them. What are their common interests, what do they like to do together?

Oh no, don’t touch that. That’s some new specialized weather sensing equipment. Mayor Goldie Wilson, I like the sound of that. Precisely. No no no this sucker’s electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the one point twenty-one gigawatts of electricity that I need. Einstein, hey Einstein, where’s the Doc, boy, huh? Doc

That’s George McFly. Marty, don’t go this way. Strickland’s looking for you. If you’re caught it’ll be four tardies in a row. No, fine, no , good, fine, good. Are those my clocks I hear? It’s already mutated into human form, shoot it.